About the Creators

Stephen Nauta and Jan Esh work at Isabel’s House, in Spring Lake, Michigan as psychotherapists who help people of all ages deal with a variety of mental health issues. Through their work, they have discovered that anxiety plays a damaging role in many people’s lives. They observed anxious people and noticed that anxiety appears to be a dragon that seeks to control and isolate people from that which brings them joy. In turn they developed tools to fight this dragon so anxious people can experience joy again. Christi Dreese is an artist who works out of her studio in Grand Haven, Michigan. She creates wonderful portraits of the natural beauty of the Lake Michigan shoreline, where she spent her childhood enjoying the beautiful white beaches and the enchanting water ways. Stephen, Jan, and Christi have pooled their knowledge and talent to expose the anxiety in our heads as a fire-breathing dragon. In their first book, “Help, There’s A Dragon In My Head” they tell the story of a young girl who is overwhelmed by her anxiety and retreats into isolation. In this new book, “My Dragon Breathes Fire”, they chronicle the story of a boy who acts out his fears through aggressive behavior, breathing fire on those he feels are threatening him. He discovers a quiver of arrows that empower him to tame the dragon allowing him to breathe love, instead of fire, on those around him. You can contact Stephen and Jan at www.isabelshouseupstairs.com. Christi can be found at www.dreesefineart.com.