Dragon Slayer’s Code Of Honor


  1. I promise to push my dragon out of my head and keep him there where he can’t hurt me. I will give him a name that reminds me she is a bully, so I can better refuse to listen to what he/she has to say.
  2. I promise to carry my toolbox / purse everywhere I go and use the tools in it as weapons to fight my dragon every day.
  3. I promise to practice breathing deeply every day and to remind myself to take deep breathes whenever I feel anxious. I will breath my dragon away.
  4. I will always have a plan A and a plan B when I have to face uncomfortable circumstances.
  5. I will use my shield / stop sign to deflect my dragon’s negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones that belong to me.
  6. I will use scientific evidence to disprove my dragon’s lies.
  7. I will find at least two people I can trust to tell me the truth when I am having difficulty arguing with my dragon.
  8. When my dragon tells me to avoid a situation because something bad is going to happen, I will play the “And Then What?” game in order to prove to myself that there is nothing to fear.
  9. I will exercise on a regular basis to help clear my mind and strengthen my body so I can overpower my dragon.
  10. I will do the dance of joy every time I win a battle over my dragon and I will invite my family and friends to do so with me.
  11. I promise to stop referring to this dragon as my dragon. He is yours. You can keep him.
  12. Other:

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