Helpful Dragon Fighting Tools

1. Find yourself a soft spoken dragon slayer of your own who has experience helping people learn how to slay the monster in their head.

2. Externalize the problem. Get the dragon out of your head so you hear him better and can distinguish his voice from yours. Give her a name. Yell at him. Let her know you choose your friends and she isn’t one of them. Tell him to “shut up.” Don’t worry if it sounds mean. She is a monster and deserves it.Your parents won’t be disappointed in you. They want you to stop listening to your monster.

3. Take deep breaths through your nose and blow your monster right out of the room.

4. Stop your monster’s worry thoughts (lies) and replace them with your own truthful thoughts.

5. Always have plan A and plan B.

6. Play the “And Then What? game. Exercise when you get worried.

7. Go for a walk, run up and down the stairs, run around the house, dance like a wild person, or spin yourself in a circle until you get dizzy.

8. Make a list of all your good qualities. If you can’t think of any, ask your parents, teachers, or friends to help you. Make copies of the list and put them in places where you will see them. For example, taped to your bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, in your school books, etc.. Read the list as often as you can. Your monster will want to tear them up.

9. Call someone and talk to them about it. Tell them what your dragon says to you. Remember, your dragon wants to keep it all secret.

10. Make an appointment with your dragon for later that day. Tell her you will talk to her then.

11. Imagine yourself in a safe place that you enjoy visiting. For example, you grandparents house, the beach, etc..

12. Do something fun to distract yourself.

13. If you are worried about an event, use your imagination to visualize it happening the way you would like it to unfold.

14. Write your worries down on a piece of paper and throw them away.

15. Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings.

16. Take a survey of the people you know to see if they agree with your monster. We call this scientific evidence. When it turns out they all think your monster is wrong, take the evidence and shove it in the monster’s face. If you are getting the idea that you need to be firm, or perhaps even a bit mean to your monster, you are right. These monsters will only back down if they know you are strong and mean business. And always remember. You are strong. You are a dragon slayer.

17. Draw a picture of your dragon or buy a stuffed dragon. Throw paper wads or a soft ball at him/her.

18. Eat healthy foods. Here are five healthy foods that will help you feel happy and safe: chocolate, fish, vegetables, beans, and nuts. Fruits are also helpful.

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